Enhancing your business through adjacent markets and strategic solutions. WaVv specializes in business expansion, improvement and development for clients in the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Energy sectors. Comprehensive and custom solutions to meet your business needs is WaVv’s expertise. The firm provides professional advice to companies expanding their reach within their current industry or into the expansion of new market ventures.
WaVv provides guidance in the areas of facilitation, analysis, and strategic direction spanning across multiple industries and regions. Services offered through WaVv can take shape through Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Investor Relations, Media, Events or various other strategies.

Head Office: 1701 Centre Street N, Unit 407 | Calgary, Alberta | T2E 7Y2

Email: info@wavv.co
Telephone: 1-403-245-2445
Fax: 1-403-537-0725

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