Advancing business opportunities by enabling transfer of commercialized technology across multiple industries for the Military, Mining, Aerospace, Defence, Security, Tech & Energy Industries


Created over 15 years ago as a response to commonalities between these industries that were not being explored. WāVv creates business opportunities and accelerates innovation to this day. Similar capabilities with unique expected outcomes among these businesses is what drives our commitment to support the innovators and disruptors. Based in Calgary with global clients, our focus remains within the Aerospace, Defense, Security, Energy, Mining, Tech and Military Industries. Our functional practice areas include commercialized tech transfer between these industries, strategy, market analysis, project management, innovation and commercial development, research grants, and implementation support among a range of various other consulting services.


Business Beyond Borders. We support expanding our clients and industries beyond their internal and/or external borders. We believe that as consultants we are in the problem-solving business. WāVv supports innovators and disruptors by exploring different ideas and engaging in discussions to arrive at solutions. Our consultants utilize their diverse backgrounds and experiences to arrive at unique solutions to address challenging problems.

A clear example of that is our congress ConvergX® – ConvergX® is the first and only annual 2.5 day global congress that creates cross-sector investment and business development opportunities in the Energy, Military, Tech, Mining, Aerospace, Defence & Security industries.

ConvergX® gives you access to pre-vetted, qualified leaders, who have agreed to communicate directly with you.


Adjacent markets are often the best answer when a business is faced with the question of “what’s next?” In certain cases, adjacent markets may be the only answer for growth opportunities or there is an urgent demand to diversify business into new markets. WāVv works with our clients to scope out other industries and technologies to satisfy requirements and facilitates those connections to move the strategy forward.


Working closely with your internal team, WāVv creates a unique strategy for your company with a focus on financial, image and/or product/service enhancement.
With WāVv’s experience, we can accomplish a combination of:
– improved market reach and industry visibility
– add new economies of scale
– improve cost efficiencies
– create revenue enhancements in new market segments
– support economic development for export globally


Aerospace: unmanned systems, remote piloted aircraft, mission systems, data acquisition and management
Defence: provide commercial requirements for all branches of the Armed Forces, NATO, and Prime Contractors
Security: data integrity, acquisition, management – cyber security and strategy – physical and digital solutions
Energy: conventional and unconventional resources, exploration and production, clean and green innovation, deliver innovative solutions aligning with defence requirements



The B2B matchmaking program will provide a company with the opportunity to participate in pre-arranged, prequalified meetings. Accessing the vast network of WāVv industry contacts, our all-inclusive approach enables our clients the opportunity to promote or partner with significant opportunities.


Proven expertise in successfully executing projects on time and on budget. Our broad resource pool ensures the right level of experience to plan, manage, and deliver is available to support your project demands.



Relevant business data transformed into meaningful insights, within a fraction of the time. Decision ready information provided on where and why to enter new supply chains.